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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

La Martina Collections For Men!

I have been into clothing business for almost two years now. I have used clothes and shoes from different signature brands like Prada, Fendi and even Gucci. But let me tell you something with this clothing brand that I knew online. It's LA Martina clothing brand! La Martina brands actually focuses more on shirts, polo's and sweatshirts. They have this dedication to the challenges of polo and to the goal polo player. La Martina is commited to offer the best products to perfectly suit the high end sport known as polo.

La Martina brands are designed in competing with a very high paced and competitive market and as we all knew the lifestyle of a polo player, it demands perfection but La Martina offers quality polo's that comes with class and fashion that the market can afford. They are also committed in designing every shirt, polo, and sweatshirt with the standard that requires to compete a world class polo tournament.

La Martina brand is very well connected to various polo clubs and they offers full La Martina outfits to various organizations worldwide. They are also the official supplier of Argentina Polo Teams and the Federation of International Polo.

The Hip Chick :-)

This picture above was taken during our face to face encounter with Atty. Adel Tamano.

This one was taken during our first wall climbing at Robinsons Mall.
See the difference? jejejeje