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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My New Friends :-)

Meet my new friends. hehehehe
Hakim, Kai-Kai and Iya!
They are muslims.
We became friends when Rose and I started joining the mall exhibit.
Look at kai-kai and my blouse..lolz
We are really friends!
On December, we will be joining the Christmas Bazar at Oval Plaza.
We will see each other again.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I Am Your Torrent Queen!

Did you know that I am your recent torrent queen? hehehe. You must be wondering why! If you are you fond of downloading games, movies and music for free? If you do, check out music torrent and download your favorite music for free. You can also download your favorite movies and games without worrying for an incomplete file.

Torrent search engine is my most trusted music search engine so far. They have a very simple interface that anyone can understand. All file are regularly updated so, if you need anything like movies, games and music. Try music torrent for free. They will give you anything you need without turning to the next page.

Pretty Sisters On The GO.....

This is me and my sister rosilie today...hehehe
The pretty sisters on the GO.
We are on our way to Alabel, Sarangani Province to set up for the Munato exhibit.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Diamonds Are Forever!

Diamonds are forever! It is one of the famous quote I know aside from the quote Diamonds are Girls Best friend! Personally, I would agree to both. As a matter of fact, I have my own diamond jewelries. I have two diamond necklaces with diamond pendants. My necklace with a cross pendant was given to me by my partner. The other one was a diamond key pendant. I bought it from Tiffany & co.

I also have a 3 in 1 ring with diamonds. They call it the eternity ring and I recently bought a ring with diamond stones. My new diamond ring is my favorite. It has 17 stones all in all. The design is not common. It looks like a peacock and I really love it.

If you are thinking of buying diamond jewelries as a gift to your wife or girlfriend check out diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, diamond pendants, diamond tennis bracelets, riviera diamond necklaces at Sam's Club. They have everything you need from necklaces, bracelets, pendants, cuffs and a lot more.

I Found An Amazing YoYo Shop Online!

I have been thinking of the best gift for my nephew Yuri. He is already 8 years old and he keeps on asking of his Christmas gift. I was thinking of a toy since he loves to play. A friend suggested me yoyos as a Christmas gift.

So, I did some research by goggling the keyword yoyo and olla, I have found an amazing yoyo shop online. I can't believe I have saved money for the delivery. Imagine, they offer a free delivery service to all yoyos you purchase.

I am so excited for my nephew Yuri. Yoyo will be a perfect Christmas gift for him.

Watches For All Time!

image from cool watches dot com

Thinking of a Christmas gift to your love ones?
Are you thinking of buying a new watch? If you do, I have a great deal for you.
Check out this Jacob and Co. Watch.
This watch can be seen online with the price range of $199 up...
Bid your price now...
Jacob & Co. watch comes in different color of strap.
White, black, green, blue and red
If you are interested with this watch leave me a msg.

What Is Your Say About The General Equity and Taxation?

I really don't have the right to say that the general equity and taxation for the youth is a scam. Some people say that other age group in the US received the better deal than the others. There are a lot of speculations that says the tax distribution is just fair but for some, it is a burden.

In my own opinion, the US government is just on the right track. Helping the youths and the retirees compared to the other age group that are still capable of working and supporting themselves. Anyway, all of us are entitle of our own opinion. This is my personal opinion, what is yours?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Basic Photography Workshop By Mr. Photosynthetic Mark Ryan Ortega!

Course Outline: (It will be a whole day affair (8:00am - 5:pm)

This Basic Photography workshop is intended to help enthusiasts comprehend the technical and aesthetic aspect of Digital Photography. Furthermore, it aims to explain technical jargon into easy-to-understand terms for more efficient application.

Lesson A: The Basics of Photography

The Art of Photography
Digital Photography
Photography Equipment
Camera & Lens
Knowing your equipment
The Fundamentals of Photography
Aperture & Shutter Speed
White Balance
Camera Modes
Composition & Framing
The Rule of Thirds
Leading Lines / Patterns
The Art of Light
Natural & Artificial Lighting
LessonB: Applying Photography
Landscape & Seascape
Low Light
Applications & Techniques
Actual Shooting
Critic Time
Storing & Printing
Storing & Printing Techniques
Lesson C: Post Processing
1Introduction to Post
Intro to Photoshop: The Fundamentals
3Different Techniques for different fields
- it will be an interactive workshop like no other .
- there will be a critic session, where you will find out your strong points and weak points (how you capture pictures, composition, finding the light, etc) so that you will be guided throughout your photography course
- techniques and photography materials will be discussed- and lastly because it will be fun meeting new people and at the same time learn new stuff about your hobby..


It will only be 2,500 per participant...

the workshop will be limited up to 10 participants only... so Join now!



-Reflector If you have

-Notes-Laptop (for post processing tutorial)

-and a lots of questions to clear up your mind.. hehe

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Your Printing Expert for Cheap Customized T-shirts!

I have been busy with our mall exhibits. Two days ago, I was out of town to get new stocks from our supplier. I was not really happy with the new stocks I got from them. People's sense of fashion is changing from time to time so, I was thinking of purchasing new items like personalized t-shirts or cheap customized t-shirts.

So, I am really looking for cheap custom t-shirts that anyone can afford to buy. As we all know that the economy is changing. Customers are really looking for cheap products that their budget can afford. Clothing business is pretty slow right now but since Christmas is coming so soon, a lot of buyers will be looking for cheap custom t-shirts but fits their taste.

I was thinking of different style of shirts and different designs. Since I am not really good with arts. I will let them customized the design according to my instruction. I am getting excited with my genius plan. I will hire to do all the works for me. I know they have satisfied tons of costumers online. So, what are you waiting for? Customized your own shirt now at!

I Have New Friends :-)

All my life, I only have Christian friends and other religions but except for Muslims. I live in Zamboanga City where most of the people are muslims but never had a chance to meet and be with them.

Since I have been staying in the mall attending mall ehxibits, I have met few Muslim people. They are Maranao actually. In a short period of time, I have found a new friend. A friend that I can be with all the time. Her name is Kai-Kai! We ate together every time when we are at the mall. She takes me to her suppliers and introuce me to her mom.

I ate maranao ( Muslim ) foods already..hehehehe! I kinda love it. It's a little spicy and its yellow. Anyway, I am so happy to have new friends in gensan. I was already thinking of converting into muslim :-)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Your Gift Guide For The Holiday Season!

It's already November and few weeks from now it's gonna be Christmas holiday. We will be celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and another new year to come. As we all know Christmas is the most wonderful time for gift giving. Most especially to our love ones like our parents, sisters, brothers and even out distant relatives. Don't forget you very supportive friends your list.

Since, it's gonna be a busy month for shoppers, so why don't you purchase your gifts online. Less hassle because you don't have to be stuck in the traffic going to the departments. No more falling in lines to pay your bills and one more thing, you can use your credit cards to pay for your items and lastly, you can purchase your wonderful gifts to your family without moving to one place to another.

Visit Shopkiwi as your one stop shop for your gifts on this holiday season. Buy your niece a beautiful drees at ShopWike. Make her feel that she the most loved niece in the whole world. Take a look of their wide selection of Clothing for Girls. They have a lot of Casual Clothing for Girls to choose from. Since, party will be coming so soon, check out their Dress clothing for Girls.

After shopping for your sisters and nieces, don't forget to buy your nephews a new pair of clothes for the holiday season. Don't forget to turn the page at the Clothing for Boys section. It will give you everything you need. They have formal clothes and Casual clothing for Boys.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop now at ShopWiki for it will give you everything you need. They have 30,000 stores to choose from.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lil Devil :)

Your sexy devil....hehehehe
Trick or treat :))

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Buy Your Own Vibrating Panties Online!

I can't remember where I first heard about this fashion underwear but I bet I have read it in a fashion magazine few years ago. The vibrating panty with a remote control will surely give a total fun for some couples in a public place. This is best worn on public places like club so that other clubbers will not hear that you are vibrating.

Can you imagine yourself wearing this vibrating panty in a club and your boyfriend, spouse or your significant other is having fun clicking the remote control vibrator?! As what I have read, the whole vibrating control factor is supposed to be a big turn-on especially for men.

You know what; after I read that post on the magazine I was excited to try it myself. I just thought it sounded like a fun idea and it is a big plus if it hit the right spot. Now, I am so eager to buy a vibrating panties for myself.

I was surprised and I was laughing when I watched the movie the Ugly Truth. The movie was awesome. It was sassy, sexy and one blast comedy. I like most the part when Abby was wearing flirty lingerie. The remote vibrating panties are an added sensation to a couple’s relationship.
For couples out there who wants to explore their sexual escapades anywhere and anytime your partner wants? Don't hesitate to buy and wear these sexy and erotic panties that your husband can control while you get all the enjoyment and fun that you want.

They have a wide range of vibrating panties to select from vibrating panties with removable vibrating bullets, vibrating g-strings and thong panties with remote controls. Try buying a Sexy Vibrating Panties and Vibrating Briefs for Women for discreet stimulation anytime, anywhere. The vibrating panties with a remote control are among the most popular product they have.

Anyway, get one for yourself now and try the fun.