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Friday, January 7, 2011

A One Stop Shop For Your Nursing Scrubs!

After I finished my high school days, I have been thinking of becoming a famous news anchor or a radio disc jockey. But the school I went to has no mass communication course that time and so I took up bachelor of education major in English. I have reached my dream of becoming a radio DJ but I stop due to some personal reasons. After quitting from my job, I started to like men and women who are in uniform. I really envy them! Flight attendant, police women, doctors and even nurses.
I really don't know why I like them but I guess maybe its because my father was once in uniform. He was in Navy before he retires as a businessman. Two of the sisters of my friend are nurses and they really look very neat with their white uniform. I just hope that they will have other uniforms like the nursing scrubs I have found online. They have different colors and design that nurses will surely like. They have original scrubs, simple scrubs and they also offers custom scrubs. Uniforms that are perfect for nurses and other medical jobs.
If you are into nursing jobs or other medical jobs, check out blue sky scrubs. A one stop shop for your cheap scrub.

Our Business LOgo :-)

This is our business LOGO :-)

This is our business inside the mall :-)
Hope you can visit us at Gaisano Mall, Gensan City :-)