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Friday, July 31, 2009

Coach Purse :-)

The other day, I showed you my new purse.
It was exactly the same design with this item
But this one is smaller than mine.
This one has a brown color and mine is red!
Like this one?

Shopping For a New TV or Watch Online TV?

I have a secret to tell, did you know that at my age I love to watch Tom and Jerry on TV? Surprise? Hehehe! Yes, I do watched TV often but since I don't have TV inside my room I decided to Watch TV Online!

I was thinking of shopping a new Television for myself but now, I think I don't actually need a television. I can watch a live and free streaming online. If you like, we can watch is together since it is available around the globe. There will be no registration required if you want to watch online TV.

This is really a brilliant idea; at least I don't have to miss my favorite shows now!

New Arrival: Coach Purse!

Robinson's Mall will soon to open and I bet they will have a Coach store inside.
I know ladies out here who loves to shop for purses, Coach price ranges from 198 to 300+!
I have visited their website and they really have awesome stuffs!

Cool Purse For My Sister Mary Anne!

We decided to send this purse to my sister Mary Ann who is in Manila right now.
This purse will definitely help her with her things going to work.
I have it packed using the air 21 service and will ship it on Monday.
I hope she likes it!

Where Quality Meets Convenience!

Okay to be honest with you, aside from our apparel boutique, my family owns a furniture store and shop. Our business has been running for over 20 years now and counting but I have never seen such a unique piece of Furniture from furniturefromhome.

Forgive me but I can't take my eyes on your Home Office Furniture. They are all awesome and high quality items. They are huge and very convenient to the users. The Storage Bed is so cool. I have never seen a queen size bed with tons of drawers and I have just watched the video from YouTube of the Entertainment Centers, it is definitely a must have item.

Consider me as an impulse buyer but these items are worth it. Now, I know where to put all my shopping stuff!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

VS: Perfumes and Cologne

Check out our latest scents from Victoria Secret.
We have pink, Vanilla Lace, Amber Romance, Love Spell,
Romantic Wish, Endless Love and a lot more.
We also have Rush Lip Gloss and Rush Lip Shine.

Long Distance Love Affair!

Did you know that having a long distance love affair was the hardest things for me? I remember when I was out of town; the only thing I can't live without was my international calling cards to keep in touch my Dutch boyfriend. I have this short term memory and we decided to get in touch often so that I won’t forget him and it really works.

We talked almost every day using internet and mobile texting but sometimes when we are both out of the house, we both make sure that we have international phone cards in our pocket. So, even if I'm shopping for my favorite brand, non-stop laughing and giggling over the phone.

We are just glad that we found They are the largest retailers of phone cards online. It allows us to call over 153 countries around the world. Imagine if you are living in the US and you wanted to call someone who is in Europe like in UK, the United Kingdom phone cards starts at 0.3¢ per Minute. This is the sure way to save money right?

By the way, few more reasons why we love their service is that they offer cheap phone card, it is rechargeable, pinless and it is prepaid!

Levi's Jeans For You!

I am looking at the right now and Bella is back by popular demand.
I got a new purse and what you think about this white Levi's Jeans?
Should I get it?

Bed Bugs On My Bed!

Believe me, I really don't know where to start with this post but all I know I just wanted to get rid of this bed bugs on my bed. I have been away from the house for over 2 years and my bed was not use by anyone. Now that I am here, I have no choice but to use my room and my bed again. But this crawling bugs disgust me!

I wonder where they came from and how to get rid of them. Good thing a friend of mine told me about this site she found. She said, it is the best bed bugs guide she ever read!

My Coach Purse is A Certified Blogger!

Take a look of my Coach Purse. This was given to me by my ex.
Better not ask the name ok?! hehehe
This purse is a certified blogger!
Obvious right?lolz
The purple badge was given to me by Ms. J. Toral!
It says, Judge me by the color of my personality.
Then, 2 other badges are:
I am a Blogger and Proud to be Soccskargen Blogger!

I Wanted To Look Amazing With Mya!

After the traumatic depression I have been into, I feel so upset about everything. My hair, my face, my skin and my body. I have been shopping to ease my stress and just this morning I bought a new Coach purse at the store but still I am not happy with the things that are going on with me.

I hate my breast and I hate my tummy so much! I feel like trying the tummy tuck to get rid of this excess fatty tissue. I know this kind of treatment will undergo surgical procedure. It sounds scary but with the trusted doctors and highly skilled teams of Mya, they will surely give the confidence that I needed right now. Want to know why I'm doing this? I think I was dump because I am getting old and fat. So, I wanted to look amazing and have a great body to boast off my confidence.

Anyway, the procedure won’t take long. I can be an outpatient and the operation involves only the removal of fat and excess skin to create a great new size and shape. If you are thinking of breast reduction surgery, they have the same procedure with the tummy tuck.

I won’t hesitate to travel abroad because I know Mya will ensure my safety and the surgery will be done by their competent surgeons. With their 25 years in service, I am sure they can make me look amazing.

Dolce and Gabbana Purse for Me!

OH D&G....sorry guys! This item is no longer for sale!
Like the maroon shoes, I am saving for this purse. hehehe
I bet all my blog income will just pay for this purse.
What can you say about this new item?

Authentic Coach Purses!

This is mine....hehehe

Rose decided to keep this...

Check out the new purses we have in our store.
Sorry guys, these items are no longer for sale.
We decided to keep these items for ourselves!
Authentic Coach Leatherware

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot Pick For This Week!

Take a look of our hot pick this week. All items are imported from US.
Except for the Black bag, it is Custo-Barcelona.
Spain Brand!
Female mannequin is a wearing a Levi's jeans.
Male mannequin is wearing a cargo pants from Arizona brand
and a white shirt from Averix.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hanged on the Wall!

You might be wondering where is this taken....hehehe!
This is not in my room and not even inside the house.
This is taken inside our boutique store.
See? I am the model of our own aparrel store.
Our boutique's name is Vogue Pret-a-Porter!
It is French word that means Stylish RTW or ready to wear.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Can't Help It....Shoesssssssssss !!!!

Forgive me If I'm gonna do this again. I just can't help it!
I really love shoes and
pretty sure you will agree with me that almost all women
loves shoes!
Anyway, I am saving for this item...hehehe
What can you say with this shoes??
Gorgeous isn't it?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oakley Cap for Your Partner!

Take a look at this Oakley cap.
This is $36, brand new with tag price.
This will surely a perfect gift for your partner.
I accept PayPal payment.

Change Outfit!

I love clothes, bags/purses, shoe and accessories.
That is why I decided to put up a business like this.
With my idea and with the help of my sisters,
we have this little business running for almost a year now.

As a fashion addict, I change the outfit of our mannequins almost every 3 days.
These is what you can see in our boutique.
They are all wearing signature clothes and bags.

Earlier, my sister and I met Ms. Lim at the leasing office of Robinson's Mall.
We are planning to get a space but the available space is 40 sq/m.
The space is too big for us!!!
So, right now, we are in the midst of making a wiser decision.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cool Purse/Bag from Custo-Barcelona!

Here are the available bags we have!
These bags can be use for your everyday travel.
Perfect for young teenagers and even mommies!
You can use the body bag for traveling and going to gym!
Prices ranges from php 550-650
We accept paypal if you are interested.
Items are custo-barcelona from Spain.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beauty Rush Minty Lip Shine By Victoria Secret!

php 550 each

Just the right dose of shine, with refreshing peppermint oil to freshen your breath.

Available flavors are:








Victoria Secret: Pink Cologne!

Fruity and Bright Body SplashCheck Spelling
A refreshing spritz to spray wherever you want. Scented with a delicate blend of juicy blackberry and smooth vanilla. Lightly moisturizes with aloe and chamomile.
If you are interested with these items, leave me a message.
Happy shopping.
By the way, we accept paypal payment.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Blog T-shirt Design Winners!





Here are the results of our blog slogan contest.
The announcing of winners take part on my 30'th birthday.
I would like to congratulate the lucky winners and to all contestants who
joined the contest. Thank you to all our sponsors who made this contest possible.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My New Flip Flops!

I went to Davao City today to had lunch with my friend Angie.
I decided to visit her since she can't come to my b-day.
So, I treat her lunch at Bigdys' Restaurant, SM mall.

Since it's my b-day, I bought myself a gift.
A new pair of havaianas flip flops. This is my 5th pair..lolz

Jewelries For Sale :-)

We have a lot of new designs of jewelries but I'm not really good in taking pictures so, theses are the only pics I have right now.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Shoes , Shoes, Shoes...

New arrival...

New Arrival: Shoes

Take a look of the new shoes we have.
Most of it are Nina, Life Stride, Franco Sarto, Bandolino
and a lot more!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Signature Bags For Sale!

Victoria Secret



Victoria Secret




Franco Sarto