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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy Busy Busy...

Sorry for not updating this site. I have been so busy shopping for our food business. Finally, I was able to buy all the equipments needed for our food cart business. I bought steaming equipment, patty burger frier and the french fries deep frier!

This coming Friday will be the training for the franchise business that we are getting. So, wish me luck! hehehe! I hope I can get the real taste of what I'm cooking!hehehehe

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 Is Your ONE Stop Shop!

There are a lot of existing online store that sells different commodities that we need. Most are high and top quality product but as an online shopper like me, I am looking for a trusted and respected online store that can deliver what I need.

Women love to bargain and to be honest, you can only find most Wonderful wholesale goods on This IPhone below was purchased at

This is the iPhone that I am using right now and we bought it online at It was delivered on time and it was hassle free. offers a wide range of items to choose from and most of the items are discount wholesale products.

Am looking at their ladies wear and I found this pink dress. It is very adorable.
This will surely looks good on me. I will definitely purchase this dress before anybody else does. is indeed a one stop shop. You will find anything you like from clothing, jewelry and IT products for wholesale before you can change the next page.
By the way, their items include digital products, consumable electronic products, clothes, daily consumables, small appliances and hand-made products. All at reliable quality, reasonable price and with excellent services that makes them gain a respected reputation.

More Pics...

Dingdong, me and Rowel!

Abet, me and dingdong :D

The gang...this was taken on our last day at the camp site...

My Protein Supplement!

Staying fit and healthy is not easy. I have to carefully choose the food that I eat. Sometimes, I would go for a non-fat diet and sometimes food with high protein. I even tried meal replacement bar just to stick with my diet.

Since I am very particular with my weight, I decided to use Proteinex as my protein supplement. If you are wondering what is it, Proteinix is a liquid protein supplement that does not require a prescription but of course it would be nice but if you consult healthcare professional. It contains all essential and non essential amino acids. It has no fat, no sugar, no phosphorus, or no carbohydrates. Proteinex is sugar free and this is very important because diabetes is the first mortality cause in renal patients.

My First Mountain Climbing!

Buriwisan Falls

The tired princess..lolz

This is me when we started climbing...
I can still smile...lolz
but it was worth it...when we reached the camp site,
we went down to take a bath at the falls.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Out Of Town Trip!

It's been 6 days that I have not checked my site because of my out of town trip. I am so happy to be here again. I really miss you guys! I have 200+++ of pictures to share to you and I know you will surely enjoy it. For now, I would like to say thanks to all of my friends who keep on visiting my site even if I am away for awhile...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buy Your Vegas Magazine Now!

My friend Bill just came back from his Vegas trip and one of the highlight of his mini vacation was the casino in Vegas. He showed me pictures of him with his wife when they went to the casino in Vegas and he told me different games he played when they went there.

I was curious and so I check the Vegas online casino. I don't have to travel Vegas just to play casino. I can actually play casino online at the comfort of my home. If you are using Mac download, party poker make sure that Mac in favor Online Casino Poker Giant is Mac-Friendly. You can check out the Vegas Magazine for Vegas big events.

Get your own copy now for Vegas casino updates!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Your Best Licensed Online Pharmacy!

People who are experiencing severe pain need to take a prescription medicine. My friend who is a licensed pharmacist told me once to buy Tramadol to moderate the pain. She said, Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever. It is best for neck pain, back pain and chronic pain but Tramadol medicine is technically known as an atypical analgesic. If you are taking alcohol, narcotic pain medicine, sedatives or tranquilizers such as Valium, medicine for depression or anxiety and street drugs, I suggest don't take Tramadol.

As an online shopper, I was really browsing where to buy the best licensed online pharmacies. Good thing, a friend told me about tramadol bluebook. It is the best U.S licensed pharmacy.

HK Fried Noodles: New Business To Face!

My flight was schedule on August 20,2009 and that will be on Thursday.
Aside from my personal reason why am I going to take a vacation.
HK friend noodles is another reason why am I going to Manila.
My sister Mary Ann is franchising this food cart business and as usual,
since they will not be around to manage it. I will be the one attending the training.
So, wish me luck with our new business to face.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ensuring the Quality of Our Product!

My family owns a furniture business and it has been running for over 20 years now. We mostly manufacture wood furniture and to avoid complains, we make sure our items have termites’ protection and as a home owner, most of our furniture at home are made of wood. To ensure the quality of our product, my mother always include the termite pest control cost in her budget.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quick and Easy Claim Process!

My Father recently renewed the insurance policy of our car and right after he finished filing all the papers, he accidentally hit someone. He was very disappointed but we just told him that accidents happen no matter how careful he was.

Good thing his car insurance company offers a quick and easy claim process. It was also reliable and cost-effective car insurance cover. So, right after the incident he contacted his insurance provider for the car insurance quotes. In few minutes, he was able to get the result of the car insurance quotation and he was given a discount because he qualifies as safe driver and he has been an insurer for the past 5 years.

I Heart Flip Flops!

I love flip flops and right now,
this top hearts design is available in our boutique.
Next week, I will be heading to Manila and maybe I can get new items from our supplier.
If you like this, you can leave a message.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Am Shopping for Rugs!

My sister is planning to change our floor cement into tiles. According to her, it will be a lot easier to clean and it will be nice if we can add some personal touch like the rugs. Not just an ordinary rugs that we used at home but superior rugs that are beautifully designed to match the color of the house and furniture.

I have seen a lot of rugs at the home section at the mall but nothing catches my attention. I want something that is cozy to look at! Something that will compliment to the existing color of our walls and something that will amaze a person at their first glance to the rugs but with an affordable price. So, personally speaking, I would love to buy a Cheap Rugs with amazing prices.

As I do my further shopping online, I found this Superior rugs store that offers a wide range of Area Rugs. I love their amazing collections. Now, I am thinking of shopping an Area Rugs for my room. They are the leading supplier of area rugs for over 20 years now. They only manufacture high quality area rugs around the world.

By the way, if you are interested in one of the area rugs that they are selling, order it now because quantities are very limited. They change the items daily after they are sold. Well, what can we expect? They are selling cheap area rugs and discounted area rugs.

So, if you are thinking of shopping for Rugs. Take my word and don't miss out the right Oriental rug for you.

Right now, I am eyeing for this beautiful rug. Isn't it amazing? Just look at the design! It will be perfect for our maroon tiles. I will definitely buy this rug before somebody else will.

My Floral Green Flip Flops!

I added this Floral Green flip flops to my collection.
It's not a new edition but I kinda like the color.
Shopping, shopping, eases my stress!

I Play Casino Slots Before!

I remember when I was still working at the call center. I have honestly admitted that I have handled one private account. I have been handling appointments for escort service in the US and aside from that I was asked to handle a gambling account which is an online casino slots.

Handling the escort service account was a lot easier that handling the casino games online. Since it was newly established casino online game that time, there were less players. As we all know, casino games are mostly enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world. It could be millions I guess. But these people are looking for trusted Online Casinos.

I had a chance to talked to someone I played before with online slots real money. He told me that it was fun playing online casino game since he can do it anytime and at the luxury of his own home. He was laughing when I told him, I was playing during office hour. I didn't tell him it was a dry run for the newly established online casino game. It was my job to play because I was paid for it.

Worldwide players who are looking for fun and safe casino online slots, take a look of the list of trusted online casino games I have found. By the way, the casinos accepting USA players.If you are ready to play, make sure you know everything about the game. Do not risk your money!

We Need More Dresses!

I decided to booked a flight going to Manila on August 20,2009.
I don't know when will I be coming back but I will be missing you guys.
Anyway, we are running out of dresses. It will be the best time for me to order.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dog Flea Medicine For Gia!

My family loves pet. My sister owned a Dalmatian but it died.
Right now they have a German Shepherd. This is Gia, Rosilie's pet. I love dogs but I find it somewhat annoying every time I saw flea.
Well, I guess it is the most annoying part of owning a pet right?!
Since, we can't stop them from sticking in Gia's skin, we make sure Gia is using a dog flea medicine to get rid of fleas. Every time we go shopping,
we always include the shampoo of our dog.

My Timex Watch!

Way back few years ago, I hate wearing watches!
I hate looking at any kind of clocks.
Well, it was simply because time flies so fast
and it makes me feel frustrated that
I was not able to do the things I like to do.
This Timex watch was given to me.
I am not wearing it anymore but I still have it inside my drawer.

I Need A New Oven Toaster!

I have been indulged in cooking since I was young. My mother once told me that cooking is like love. When you cook, you pour all your love because if not, they will never like it at all. During my sons' first birthday I was not able to cook because I arrived late. I am just so happy that my family was there to help me.

I am thinking of buying a new oven toaster because our toaster graduated few days ago. So, it needs to be replaced. I am looking at the best toasters oven guide right now. Aside from toasters, there is also a recipe which is a great help to me. I collect recipes by the way.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guys Hold Your Breath....

I went home early today after my meeting with the
leasing department at Robinsons Mall.
I got bored and don't feel like going to the mall to shop.
So, what I did was compose a poem and
answer some crazy and funny quiz.
hehehe! It's fun, try it guys!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rustic Furnitures Inside My Cottage!

I thought I was dreaming but it turns out to be real. I wake up in the morning in my cottage with fresh air. I can only hear the sounds of the wave and it was very relaxing. I feel relieved that I took a vacation.

In my four corner room, I have rustic furniture and great scenic paintings on the wall. I have my own TV and a fan. The cottage was small but very ideal for a beach view. All materials of the cottage are made in wood. I will definitely go back to that Island.

If given a chance, I would shop for this kind of furniture in my room.

New See-Through Dress :-)

I went out of town without bringing any clothes.hahaha
I was lazy to bring a big bag so, what I did was I shop for a new see-through dress.
It was personally picked by .....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

HughesNet is The Perfect Replacement For My Internet Provider!

Owning a shopping and fashion business online is not easy. I have to make sure I have a faster Internet access to accommodate big files most especially with pictures. Right now, we are using dial-up connection and there are 3 laptops working at home and the Internet connection is like a turtle that will arrive in his destination next year. I badly need a Satellite Internet for my online business.

So, I am done with my browsing and found this Hughes Net online. They offer a high speed Internet connection with the lowest price ever. Their download speed is like up to 700 Kpbs; unlike what I am using now is only 125 Kpbs. This is really the satellite star Internet I need for my online business. They are 50x faster compared with my current internet provider. So, they are really a star for me!HughesNet is The Perfect Replacement For My Internet Provider!

I figure out that since there are 3 laptops working at home, we need a wireless satellite internet. So, we can all use our laptops at the same time without disturbing anyone. Good thing NughesNet also offers accessories for wireless connection. They are truly America's #1 satellite internet provider but they also offer satellite internet access in Pahrump, Nevada. If you are in Nevada, this is perfect for you.


Forgive me if I'm carrying own chair...lolz
But this is the least I can do to myself now..hehehe
Making myself feel good...
Looking hot at 30 although I was dumped 3 weeks ago!
Still not over it yet and........

hate the fact that my breast are shrinking because I lose morethan 5 pounds
I guess...maybe morethan that!

I thought, I was one tough bitch!But I'm not!
I am such a cry baby that cry over a man who dumped me!

Whew! shopping and going to beach...hope it will help me ease all the pain!
Maybe a new boyfriend?What do you think guys?
or I'm better off alone! hehehe

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Need an Internet Creator for My Shopping Website!

Based on my personal experience owning a website is not really easy. I have to make sure my shopping and fashion business will be always on top of everything. So, I have to do something to generate a big income source.

I decided to change the graphic design of my website but somehow, I need to hire someone to do the programming and marketing. I was really hoping that I can find an internet creator to do all of those things for me and luckily, a friend introduced me with Denver Graphic Design. They just don't offer graphic design works but they are also into programming and marketing.

Their main purpose is to combine the three main elements needed for the client to have a successful website. This is one good news for a business woman like me.

My Swimwear :-)

As promised to my friend Bill about the swimwear I bought.
Above is the 2 piece I bought yesterday and I bought a really tiny skirt..lolz
What you think about this swimwear?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shopping For Quality Furniture at Discount Prices!

When I say something and it is all about shopping or buying furniture, you better trust my instinct. When I say it's awesome and perfect believe me because it is! I am confident to say that my eyes are not just for shopping clothes, shoes, purses and accessories but my eyes have a 30 years experienced in looking at the furniture's. Remember, we manufacture furniture's and it is over 30 years now.

Ladies and gentlemen who are looking for the finest and quality furniture's with discounted prices, take a look at discount furniture. They are located in North Carolina and they are the number 1 store to shop for top quality furniture at discount prices. They have a wide range of furniture's from living room, dining room, kitchen room, bedroom furniture, home office furniture and children's room furniture.

Right now, I am looking at their dining table. Quality works and materials with awesome wood carvings. It is worth every penny you spend. You will surely enjoy shopping with them because of their award-wining customer service.

Shopping A Swimwear For My Beach Trip!

Earlier, I went to the mall and bought a new pair of two piece for my swimwear.
I can't wait for the weekend to come.
I will be posting pictures of the swimwear I bought tomorrow.
I forgot the cam at the store...hehehe!
As you know, I am an impulse shopper!
When I like something, I will make sure I get it!
It doesn't matter how much! lolz
oh by the way, it was from Sassa!

Monday, August 3, 2009

FootWear For Men!

Take a look of these footwear men.
Perfect for daily wear, climbing and even at the beach.
It comes in different sizes and color.

1080p Projector Will Be My Next Home Theather!

I was looking at my college yearbook and I feel envious of my college friends who are currently teaching in schools and universities. Like what I said before, if given a chance to teach, I will definitely have my own 1080p Projector for my class presentation or maybe just for personal entertainment at home. If you don't know, yours truly is a licensed teacher. Well aside from the fact that I am also shopaholic.

Well anyway, the reason why I like to have my own 1080p projector is that it features noise reduction functions that analyze scenes in real time and it will be able to identify various types of noise and it reduces unwanted artifacts, such as mosquito noise and block noise, without compromising the video signal. If you are interested in shopping for one, they offer a wide range of top-quality projectors with detailed specs, pictures and you can compare prices.

One Hot Chick!

pic is from google image

Like what I said earlier, I am going out of town and
I started shopping for my beach outfit.
I am still looking for a nice swimwear. hehehe
What do you think about this?

Shopping For My Beach Trip!

I am definitely traveling this weekend and want to know where? I am going to the beach with friends. I am thinking of white sand and tourist destinations. I started shopping this afternoon for my beach outfit and I can't wait to touch my feet in the water.

So, if you are thinking of taking a vacation or just a need to get away. Take a look at myrtle beach travel information. They have the best guide when it comes to vacation, beach and golf in South Carolina.

New Cellphone From My Sister Mary Ann!

I can't wait for this new cellphone from my sister Mary Ann.
I remember during my birthday,
she asked me what I like as a present.
I didn't say anything and maybe she figured out I just lost my phone
and so she bought me a new phone.
Thank you for shopping me a new cellphone sis!
Lav yah! See yah soon!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Perfect Match for My Shoes!

Ok. You got to see this! Check out this little maroon shoes for your lil girl.
This shoes will surely a perfect matched to my shoes below if my baby is a girl. lolz
Too bad I have a boy and he can't wear this one.
Are they both lovely to look at?
Align Center

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hot Pick For This Week!

South Pole shirt for men, Energie blouse at the center.
Coach purse
Closer look of the clothes they are wearing.
These are the hot picks of this week.

I Would Love To Shop For a Hotel Supply!

I don't know if we are on the same page but to be honest, I like to stay in an apartelle hotel every time I travel. Want to know why? It is simply because I wanted to feel at home. I love looking at the bedroom, dining room, living room and the kitchen.

I loved most is the kitchen actually because I can cook my own food. I remember the last time I stayed in an apartelle hotel was with my ex-boyfriend. I surprised him with my cooking talent using the hotel supply. If given a chance to put up my own apartelle place, I would to see a complete set of restaurant and cooking supply inside the room.

T-shirt Design Made By Dan!

This hand painted t-shirt designed was made by Dan from Cebu City.
He sent me this design last month actually.
He was planning to qualify this design for our blog slogan contest.
Would you like to shop a blouse with this design?

I Am Shopping for My Ultimate Halloween Costume!

August, September, October, three months to go it will be Halloween again. Join me as I shop for my ultimate Halloween costumes at Halloween Express Store. I know it is too early to shop for my Halloween costume but I can't wait to fit my desired costume for the upcoming Halloween party at the Royale hotel.

Actually, I bought my Halloween costume with them from last year's Halloween party and I really love it. They have a wide range of Halloween costumes from kids, teens and adult costumes. I am thinking of Super Heroes costumes for my son and sexy costume for me.