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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seaweed Facial Cleanser for My Oily Face!

At the age of 30, I have been so worried about my oily face. My sister and I would always visit a dermatologist to have a facial. I would personally pick the seaweeds facial mask for my oily face. Actually, it was suggested by my dermatologist and since I kind the like it, I would always go for it whenever I visit her clinic.

After long hours of staying outside, I can't stop worrying my oily face. My friends would make fun of me that they can actually cook friend eggs on my face. So, I have to cover it with my baby powder. But it annoys me because after few minutes it will become oily again. Sigh! Good thing my friend told me that instead of going to the clinic often I should try using a facial cleanser.

I am not getting any younger. With my age, I worry most is my face! I just hope that I can maintain a younger looking face even though I am already 30. I always wish to look as fresh as red apples.

I have just read this blog about skin care and I kinda love it! It helps me a lot with my oily skin problem. NYtimes is also a good site to check out for something new about health and science.

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