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Monday, August 3, 2009

1080p Projector Will Be My Next Home Theather!

I was looking at my college yearbook and I feel envious of my college friends who are currently teaching in schools and universities. Like what I said before, if given a chance to teach, I will definitely have my own 1080p Projector for my class presentation or maybe just for personal entertainment at home. If you don't know, yours truly is a licensed teacher. Well aside from the fact that I am also shopaholic.

Well anyway, the reason why I like to have my own 1080p projector is that it features noise reduction functions that analyze scenes in real time and it will be able to identify various types of noise and it reduces unwanted artifacts, such as mosquito noise and block noise, without compromising the video signal. If you are interested in shopping for one, they offer a wide range of top-quality projectors with detailed specs, pictures and you can compare prices.

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