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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy Busy Busy...

Sorry for not updating this site. I have been so busy shopping for our food business. Finally, I was able to buy all the equipments needed for our food cart business. I bought steaming equipment, patty burger frier and the french fries deep frier!

This coming Friday will be the training for the franchise business that we are getting. So, wish me luck! hehehe! I hope I can get the real taste of what I'm cooking!hehehehe


  1. gang, naa man jud diay tuod kla dri Manila nuh. wa [pa jud ta nagkita.. busy man sad gyud kaayo ko sa work negosyante na jud kaayo mo gang..

  2. mag 2 weeks na ko dre gang..hehehe...cge man ulan oist...baha pirmi dre sa makati..makalagot!

    Nag chattersbuzz ako last Friday...disco to the max..lolz