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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Could be Your Wedding Hair Style!

Being one of the expectant of the Kasalan Sa Gensan Wedding Fair and Exhibit, we are so lucky to witnessed some great hairdo/hairstyle for wedding occasion.

I have featured earlier the possible wedding dresses you can wear and now, I will show you some wedding hairdo/hair style. These hair style could be your wedding hairdo on your special day. I know you want to be the most beautiful bride in the whole world.

Do you think it will look good on me?
Just asking! lolz

Would you like to have this kind of hairdo on your wedding day?

I like this one!


  1. hello prenship. maganda yung second din pero ayaw ko for my hair. hehe.

    i love the wedding gowns... di ko pa sure when ang kasal namin eh. in three years time pa. pero, malapit narin yun. isang kasal sa pinas and one here in sweden. punta ka ha.. kahit malayo pa ang wedding.. invited ka na!

    i also like the third one prenship. at least yun, bagay sa akin. hehe.

    ay, i launched my new blog prenship, sana, add mo naman sa blogroll mo ha...

    thanks and see you sa pinas!

  2. Kahit malayo it doesnt matter atleast nasa plano nyo na dba...dont worry mabilis lang naman takbo ng araw dba....kaya, madali lng yung 3years...

    gus2 ko lahat kaso di ko alam if bagay sakin..lolz

    I have leave a msg don gonna add your blog to my friends list :-)

  3. I agree with you BFF i think you would look great in that gown. I mean the gown looks great. Did i say you would great in it oooops LOL.

  4. I think the first one will suit you better, but the last one is also nice. Are you by any chance having plans to get married?? Why the sudden post on wedding gowns and cakes? ;-)

  5. chance at all Colin... we were invited to a wedding exhibit that is why...hehehehe