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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sculptures Made of Chewing Gum!

Did you know that for over the last 10 years, an Italian artist Maurizio Savini has been creating a series of sculptures using thousands of pieces of chewing gum?
Surprised?Below are some of his best artworks.
His works have been exhibited internationally and some of his pieces have sold for over US$55,000.


  1. Did it say this chewing gum was actually chewed on coz it apparently looks like it? They are amazing pieces of art but I might be afraid to touch it. Eowww

  2. i cant imagine how long it took to do all of that. I would never have the patents to do that. I would get aggravated and through it all away LOL. See ya my dear.

  3. ganda naman ng mga pics na ito..anyway add na kita sa blog list ko