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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Past To Present!

Taken when I was 21 years old!

When I was 26!

@ 28

When I was 29 years old!

What would be my look when I reach 30 next month?


  1. Pretty, sexy,and trendy as always.. Thumbs up ate Tammy

  2. ayayay! ka chufa ba sa veauty oi...waz kupaz ang ka sexyhan nmo yotch!!!!keep it up sexy hot momma!!!!!

  3. syempre... maganda ang sexy pa rin! ano ka ba! hehe. ako, malapit nang mag 31. aray ko! sakit sa bewang ah! hehe.

    sana, makauwi ako sa birthday mo bah. di pa kasi sure eh.

    hugs prenship. labyah!

  4. Wow i think you were a sexy lady from birth because all these pictures are off the charts hot. Excellent photos camera loving you again.

  5. Pheb, ikaw yotch ha! haba na kau akong hair bah! hehehe

  6. friendship, mag 31 ka na pla? Naku hindi halata! kala ko ka age ka namin ni ritchel?!

    sakit na nga sa bewang! lalo pa ako na i have a baby! feeling ko ang tanda ko na talaga!

  7. Bill, lolz! goodness my BFF! My hair is like rafunzel already! hahaha! Was it rafunzel with a long hair? lolz!

    Camera really loves me! hehehe

    Take care my friend....

  8. I have to agree with Bill. The camera loves you, and you are such a sexy woman which is evident in all these pictures!

    I really like the creative backgrounds in them, too.:)

  9. lolz. u guys are really a friend! hehehe

    Cool background huh!

    TC D :-)

  10. When you turn 30 you are going to be like a very fine wine. Your beauty is going to grow with your age and will taste even sweeter as the days go by.

  11. Aw.... u consider me as a wine! interesting!I know wine- the older the better..lolz