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Friday, June 12, 2009

Pantyhose for Men!

Wow! I find this thing very strange! After reading some news about men wearing mascara and lipstick, now they want to envade the pantyhose of women. lolz
According to the news, “Mantyhose” are pantyhose for men, is the latest in a string of men's fashion trends straight from the bizarre files.

Bill, D and my male friends this is for you!


  1. i am straight. i wear pantyhose because i love the way they feel on my body. every woman that i've told that i wear pantyhose thinks it's cool.

  2. wow... thanks for the comment :-) only guys who wear panty hose can tell what it feels like :-)

  3. I am a guy, married with kids, I only wear pantyhose when my legs feel achy and tired and prefer only medical ones like Jobst Opaq pantyhose. I still feel wierd wearing them in public, but I wear them when I get home from work all tired.. Sometimes to sleep, and I feel up waking up refreshed.

    The ones made for women doesnt provide strong enough graduated compression. I think the ones that are being marketed above defeats the purpose, and its too flowery for a guy. I wouldnt wear anything but solid colors.