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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Your Fashion Sofas at Home!

Rodolfo Rocchetti of "Tappezzeria Rocchetti",
a master upholsterer from Rome made this incredible furniture.
I find this set cute! hehehe

Created in the shape of the famous Roman Coliseum,
this sofa seems like a comfortable rest place for gladiators.
I feel like a queen with this set!

Lovable stuffed!
This fun couch made of stuffed animals is displayed at one Harrods store.

The iconic 1970 lip-shaped sofa is based on Salvador Dali's famous Mae West sofa of 1936. The erotic lips of this great Hollywood actress inspired DalĂ­. A special installation by the master shows the image of the face of May West. It's available only in red!

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