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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Wanted To Look Amazing With Mya!

After the traumatic depression I have been into, I feel so upset about everything. My hair, my face, my skin and my body. I have been shopping to ease my stress and just this morning I bought a new Coach purse at the store but still I am not happy with the things that are going on with me.

I hate my breast and I hate my tummy so much! I feel like trying the tummy tuck to get rid of this excess fatty tissue. I know this kind of treatment will undergo surgical procedure. It sounds scary but with the trusted doctors and highly skilled teams of Mya, they will surely give the confidence that I needed right now. Want to know why I'm doing this? I think I was dump because I am getting old and fat. So, I wanted to look amazing and have a great body to boast off my confidence.

Anyway, the procedure won’t take long. I can be an outpatient and the operation involves only the removal of fat and excess skin to create a great new size and shape. If you are thinking of breast reduction surgery, they have the same procedure with the tummy tuck.

I won’t hesitate to travel abroad because I know Mya will ensure my safety and the surgery will be done by their competent surgeons. With their 25 years in service, I am sure they can make me look amazing.

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