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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1: Chocolates

I decided to make a count down of my birthday thru listing things I like.

Why chocolate? The simple answer to this question is that chocolate is not really meant to do anything; it is meant to be … eaten. Being eaten, however, cannot be its only intention, since it is not a food consumed out of necessity or for survival. Neither is it eaten as a meal. In particular, when eaten, it is meant to be savoured and enjoyed. Thus, while eating chocolate, people expect to receive a certain amount of satisfaction or pleasure through their sense of taste. This use of chocolate, to be eaten and enjoyed, is evident across cultures. hehehe!
I like to eat chocolate when I feel depressed! It makes me feel good!


  1. So Little Princess, when is your birthday?? those chockies look sooo nice.
    Have a super day.

  2. wow te, i wish i can give you this kind of chocolate hehhehehe....unsa kaha ako mahatag nho? well, let me greet you happy birthday in advance ate Tam...

  3. Colin, it's July 18..hehehe...i am turning 30.

    Chie, thank u sa advance greetings.

    Gang, kalami jud sa chocolates..