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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My New Flip Flops!

I went to Davao City today to had lunch with my friend Angie.
I decided to visit her since she can't come to my b-day.
So, I treat her lunch at Bigdys' Restaurant, SM mall.

Since it's my b-day, I bought myself a gift.
A new pair of havaianas flip flops. This is my 5th pair..lolz


  1. Those are sweet. I bought my daughter a cool pair from New York...I should try them and take a photo also...hehehe!

  2. love the color sis, droppin in here from a long absence

  3. Hi! My comment is not somehow related to your post today about your nice pair of slippers from Davao. Just want to tell you that I always visit your blog to read your new posts, which are entertaining and wholesome. You've got a cool site. Cheers! to you, my fellow Filipino blogger.

    Eli, Business Sphere blog

  4. birthday mo pala tam. belated happy birthday. hope you had a fantabulous one. xoxoxo.

  5. Very nice. They look very stylish.

  6. Tam, I texted ate Rose on your birthday, b4 6am to ha so I hope nakaabot sa imuha ang mensahe,hehe!

    Tam, akoang i-send kay ate Rose ang prize na $5, ok?kay naningil na ang nagdaog hehe!akoa na isend karon dayon kay kabalo man ko sa paypal ni ate Rose.okidoki

    Belated Happy birthday. muah!