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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hanged on the Wall!

You might be wondering where is this taken....hehehe!
This is not in my room and not even inside the house.
This is taken inside our boutique store.
See? I am the model of our own aparrel store.
Our boutique's name is Vogue Pret-a-Porter!
It is French word that means Stylish RTW or ready to wear.


  1. Wow look at the super hot fashion model. Victoria secrets look out DJ Tammy is in town and ready to rock. :-)

  2. wow, hot mama ka pala sis ha! i love your new layout..ang ganda naman

  3. wow.. iba na talaga dating mo gang.. Model na talaga ng own business pa ha.. super!!!!

  4. Phebie, lolz...syala bah?

    Bill, im hotter than the VS models..lolz! kidding!

    Chris, yeah! Really cool!

    Jodi, lolz....old na man layout na ito..thanks to mommy fe.

    Gang, mahal man gud mag kuha og model...lolz

  5. sweet! thank you :) I grabbed your badge as well. Btw I'm commenting here, because it looks like your cbox isn't working.

  6. I wish i could model too! but i think you are doing great so dili na ko qualified... pwede si Andrea nalang? hehehe

  7. claro na kaau na successful samot ang business, sa model palang daan, lupig na cla!

  8. Chris, welcome and thanks for grabbing my badge.

    Lu, lolz...thanks sa comment .

    Lyn, hahaha..mau na lang ni. I can be a model of our own business..lolz