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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Long Distance Love Affair!

Did you know that having a long distance love affair was the hardest things for me? I remember when I was out of town; the only thing I can't live without was my international calling cards to keep in touch my Dutch boyfriend. I have this short term memory and we decided to get in touch often so that I won’t forget him and it really works.

We talked almost every day using internet and mobile texting but sometimes when we are both out of the house, we both make sure that we have international phone cards in our pocket. So, even if I'm shopping for my favorite brand, non-stop laughing and giggling over the phone.

We are just glad that we found They are the largest retailers of phone cards online. It allows us to call over 153 countries around the world. Imagine if you are living in the US and you wanted to call someone who is in Europe like in UK, the United Kingdom phone cards starts at 0.3¢ per Minute. This is the sure way to save money right?

By the way, few more reasons why we love their service is that they offer cheap phone card, it is rechargeable, pinless and it is prepaid!

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