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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Need A Debt Management Assistance!

Due to economic crisis that happens to us lately, more and more people are into debt situation. But, worry no more because there is a debt management assistance that can help us with our debt problem. I have been traveling and shopping, my debt with my credit card issuer is way up now! So, I badly need this!

Clear debt is on to go to offer us with their services like with IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement. Is a legally binding agreement between us and all the people and organizations we owe money. Good thing about IVA is that, clear debt can reduce our monthly repayments by up to 70%, they can handle negotiations with all creditors and they can make one affordable payment each month.

They also offers debt management plan. This was provided by debt management companies who negotiate with our creditors to change our debt repayment terms. Like with IVA, DMP can also do magic like reducing our monthly repayments, handling negotiations with all creditors and we must be able to afford a £100 payment each month.

So basically, clear debt is a company that offers debt consolidation. If you are in bad debt condition, they are they the right one for you! By the way, they also offer advice to avoid bankruptcy.

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