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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Need A Nose Job!

Nobody is perfect and so am I. I know a lot of actresses went through a series of operation but common one is the Rhinoplasty or commonly called as nose job. This kind of operation can be done 1-2 hours. I have read that this kind of operation can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia.

Anyway, Rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgeries that happen in our country but technically, they said the most difficult plastic surgery procedures. Anybody is eligible for a nose job, so, I am qualified. Rhinoplasty by the way can reduce or increase the size of our nose. Simply mean, it will correct the shape of the tip or the bridge or narrow the span of our nostrils. The plastic surgeon can shorten or prolong our nose. But sometimes, it is a complex surgery that changes nose asymmetry.

Before we go through this kind of surgery, we have to think of the Rhinoplasty cost. We need to know at least how much we need for this kind of procedure. First and foremost, we will be under general anesthesia so we need to know the cost of our anesthesiologist. Second, our hospitalization costs. We will surely spend two nights in hospital for recovery. Third, our rhinoplasty is medically necessary so additional costs might occur. Fourth, our surgeon’s fees and consultation costs and lastly our travel, transport and accommodation costs.

Actually, these were the only few things we need to remember. But if you are interested in getting a nose job like me. Maybe we can all go together so we can ask for discount. What do you think?

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