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Friday, September 18, 2009

Tracking IP Addresses!

Did you know that I had experienced a slight problem with my paypal account? They informed me that there is a third party trying to access my paypal account. Well, originally my location is in General Santos City but right now, I am in Makati City. I suspect that the reason why they limit my access to my account was because of my IP address has changed.

Anyway, I provided all the information that they needed and good thing everything is back to normal now. I can finally withdraw and send cash using my paypal account. I can shop again online.

The bottom line with this issue, I have learn how to Track IP Addresses. It gives me idea how to check the location of someone. All I have to do is type his/her domain and I will surely get a result of her IP address and country where they are living. If someone is messing around with you, maybe you can try checking their IP address by just typing their domain name. It is really cool because they said our IP address is essentially the fingerprint that helps identify our computer with in a network.

I just tried checking my own domain and the result is this, together with a screen shot of my website.

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1 comment:

  1. hi princess,
    how r u dear..
    thanks for sharing this information.
    very usefull.
    btw, if you did not hv problem with your paypal account anymore, kindly send me some cash..hahaha