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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beyond HOT

Today is Holy Saturday. It was known as Black Saturday before, we are commemorating the only day when God as man died.

The mall was closed yesterday and it simply mean, no work for me! But today, the mall was opened so, business as usual. Our stocks from US arrived last night and we are just happy that it arrived before our exhibits end.

We have Victoria Secret under garments, VS perfumes, Signature Clothes, Shoes and bags.

Today, your fashion addict and impulsive shopper sports one of our new arrival


I went to the mall with this fashionable and comfortable outfit.

This is one hot momma..hehehe


  1. You are definitely a hot mama te and beyond hot talaga ah.. Woi, murag naa ko ndunggan dah..unsa ni? naa naabot nga stocks from US nga VS, oh my God..murag nikalit kog kainteresado dah...hehehe I wish i can visit your store one day te..asa gud na dapit?

  2. lolz...halos VS tanan ang nag abot..taz mga blouses nga mga cute... gensan city mi oist.

  3. Beyond Hot is right! I hope that picture will be on that calendar of yours when it finally arrives at my door! lolz

    I'm really happy for you, and it is going well for you!

    Happy Easter my dear friend!

  4. hi mommy tam, i am looking forward to see the photo's of new products

  5. one hot mama indeed....grabi sad mga posing woi...makalibat man....hehehe...joke! sexyha sad woi...:) thanks for sharing sis!

    woi tuod can you update my blog url to

    big thanks!

  6. WoW i forgot you have this site. I have to agree Those picture are Beyond Hot there smoken hot.

  7. lolz. i did not noticed the comments! wow! thanks :)) one hot momma

    D, Ron, Dhemz, Bill, Rosa, Rose and Sandi, thanks for the comment..hehehe. It makes me feel great! lolz