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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Business is Doing Good

First, I would like to say sorry to all my friends because I have been so busy with our 15 days mall exhibit. I was not able to update my blog for a few days now. But anyway, below are another set of my handmade works. They are already sold. hehehe

Mix of white, orange and red stone

One blogger asked me about business. How much do we need to start a business? Are we not affected of the economic crisis. First and foremost, thank you so much for dropping by my page.
Actually, our boutique was a joint venture among my other siblings. My sister from Masbate city spend over 20K for the locals stocks( RTW ). Me and my sister rosilie spend like 20K for the slippers/accessories and the construction of the store.

We own a furniture shop and display center, we are just lucky that we don't need to pay for a rent. We just share for the electricity. So far our business is doing good although there is economic crisis.

This is our first time to join a mall exhibit and we wanted to make a trial if it works and if it does, we are planning to get a space in the mall. Most of our stocks are from US actually. We just add local products because not all customers can afford to buy signature items.


  1. wow galing naman hehehe sana ako din may guts na mag negosyo

  2. Hehehe. Kapoy pero enjoy man pod...join forces lang kmi ng mga kapatid ko..hehehe

  3. hi! i was the one who made those inquiries and i appreciate your reply. know what, that's the kind of venture that i really wanna try but i'm just not confident to start it (due to fear of failure?). i love to learn how to create accessories coz i myself am crazy over them. btw, my femme.views blog was quite new but i have another blog which u have visited already - Femme Power. i've been visiting ur other sites too as well as your sister's. i'm so impressed by you! more power to ur business. i guess that'll remain to be my biggest frustration unless i give it a shot.

  4. wow...interesting..good to know dear...woi am sure mabawi ra ninyo ang puhonan...hehhehe....ayaw lang una ug kahalin...hehhehe!

    woi mao ba? unsa sad inyo products from the US...kay ang products raba dre most likely made in japan and china...hahhaha....:)

  5. ms. online writer welcome.lam mo ang business naman talaga is my ups and down..its just how you market your business...samin naman ksi its our passion to fashion ksi thats why we started our own business with rtw and jewelries...ako talaga mahilig na ako magkalikot ng jewelries medyo busy kaya on and off ang mga gawa ko...lalo pa ngayon na medyo busy sa mall...

    u know what, u can start small para maliit lng you can start with friends, relatives o kaya neybur ang unang buyer mo...then they will spread the news...

    basta, goodluck.

  6. Dhemz, actually wala pa but it looks its doing good kasi nakikita ng tao at bumabalik...

    may mga liz claiborne kmi, iba-ibang brand...naku sister! victoria secret nga na galing jan dba gwa sa china...lolz

  7. Wow, galing naman business nyo. Gusto ko ring mag-start ng business dito sa Pinas gaya ng sa yo. Yon din ang hilig ko eh. Kaya lang later na lang cguro kasi ministry muna namin for the Lord ang concentration namin na mapalago.

  8. galing talaga ni Tamz bah! idol! hehe.

    ui ui.. i created a 125x125 badge for forgetful princess. kaya lang, di ko sure if you'll like it. i can send it to you via email para mas clear yung picture. hehe.

    let me know kung ano ang email address mo para send ko na sa iyo directly. see yah!

  9. hello makakalimuting prinsesa na successful sa negosyo., may tag ako for you. baka trip mong i-grab!

  10. Lisa, goodluck. Know your priority. Hirap kasi pag dami mo iniisip. You cannot serve to masters at the same time.

  11. Friendship, im gonna grab it..hehehe. Thanks po talaga...been busy lately.