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Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello Kitty

I miss posting odd stuff like this! Who doesn't love Hello Kitty? I hope no one hates this cute tiny kitty! Did you know that this miniature of Hello Kitty comes with seven hair ribbons made of gems including diamond, ruby, pink sapphire, amethyst and blue topaz. With a tag price of $163,000 US! This is one of the most expensive shit that I suggest that you don't need to buy!

For the record, this lil kitty is the most expensive in Hello Kitty's extensive line-up. Anyway, who wants to have one?


  1. Dam Tammy that is one expensive kitty kat. LOL

  2. this is quite expensive huh, i wonder who will spend that amount just for a kitty cat

  3. lolz....meowwwwww :)) i don't know sis if may mag purchase kay kitty. Its way too expensive talaga!