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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Summer Heat is On!

For sale:
One sample of our RTW in our mall exhibit is the maxi dress. It is casual, feminine suit and a must-have for summer. This dresses can be flirty and it's a floor-length dress. It will never be out of fashion. It can be use for simple and ordinary occasion or you can transform it into a evening gown with accessories. They come in different style: haltered, spaghetti-strap, sleeveless, kimono style and a lot more.

For the record, I have 3 maxi dress all in all. Since summer heat is on, I prefer to wear casual, comfortable and stylish dress that fits anytime-anywhere wear for fashion and forward female like me. I just love to showcase my own style.

Today, I wore my purple maxi dress :-)

This one is my yellow floral :D spaghetti-strap style!

My other one is haltered :)) Collection will be added soon :))


  1. love that dress. How much is it tammy? How can I buy it?

  2. Jane, sold na agad! hehehe

    May white yan :))

  3. Wow te..what a lovely dress..kaso gamatoy man kaau ko to wear long dresses oi...i hate my height..i only stand 4'9' lang jud

  4. It a nice dress jud...pwede sad na sa beach...It can be worn for a morning stroll by the seashore

  5. wah...4'9" ka lang? 5'2 1/2 ako..hehehe

    taz wear lang flops na taas... nice jud kau sa chie! pwede pang mall...beach..kahit san :))

    wear naku tong akong silk na kimono unya :))