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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fashion Is NOT A Luxury!

Fashion can make or form of anything. It can be the style, shape, appearance, or mode of structure. Your fashion style represents who you are and fashion is not a luxury at all.

This is me! Wearing my new shirt " Fashion is not a Luxury" by BITTEN of Sarah Jessica Parker. Sounds familiar? She is Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in The City.
This shirt was sent to me by my BFP.

I can consider myself as a VERY impulsive shopper. When I like things, I make sure I will have it in my hands. I just bought a summer Kimono Dress again!lolz

Our Mini stall


  1. Hi sis!
    wow! I'm so diggin the shirt! love it sis!
    akoa nya bisitahon inyong stall one of these days..

    following this blog too sis.
    have a great day! ^_^

  2. Tam asa inyo tindahan banda?Kay c mama gusto mag buy ug havainas

  3. wow! sexy talaga bah! hehe.

    ang ganda naman ng mga bentang clothes! kaninis! hihi. i will surely go to your store!

    take care friendship! mwahmwah

  4. lolz. Sis Twinks, galing US yung shirt na BITTEN. May stocks kmi next week...Hope you can visit out store at Reyes Terminal. Tabi ng Acebedo.

    Lyn, sa may OLD REYES TERMINAL. Santiago blvd. Tapad mismo sa Acebedo Optical but right now until April 16,nasa gaisano atrium kmi. Nag join ksi kmi ng exhibit...

    Friendship,lolz...adto jud hah!paabot jud ko ninyo ni twinks..

  5. hmmm!!!! sexy mommy jud..hehhee.. wa ni abot ang vs? please let me know....

  6. Mommy Rose, hehehe..wla tika..pakita naku tanan ang mag abot na stocks gikan US..


  7. I see you are a very fashionable lady. Love the shirt.I know you are a great mom to Ken also how old is he now? Weekend is here lets go out and have fun. Chow