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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Luxurious Bra for Fashion?!

Few days ago, I posted that Fashion is Not a Luxury.
I mean it but in the sense that you don't have too spend way too much.

The photo above for sure looks familiar to you. This was the photo from Victoria Secrets' most expensive bra. Retailed price is £3,350,000, approx $5,000,000! OMG, half a million $ for a piece of bra. I wonder how miraculous is this because it was called black Fantasy Miracle Bra.


  1. Nice shot it better be drop dead sexy for that price LOL. Is this your style Tammy.

  2. I am convinced this is Adriana Lime in this picture, she really is a very sexy girl...!!

  3. Bill, lolz! i dont have that size bill!!!

    Sexy legs and body, yes she is! Thanks for dropping by Colin :-)

  4. oppss... i dont know what's in this miracle bra kay super expensive man.. siguro makapabuig sya ug boobs....hehehe

  5. Even I use this bra, I won't look as sexy as the model :D

  6. If I have that much money, I won't buy the bra, I'd have breast augmentation..wahhahaha!

  7. Rose, its way too expensive for the bra alone.lolz

    Rosemarie, sis malay mo makapabuig jud diay sya og totoy.lolz

    B4M, lolz :-) nice one! Thanks for the hop in :-)

    Ilovehateamerica, lolz. same here! Thanks for the comment po :-)