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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mall Exhibit

Our beloved mini boutique is joining a mall exhibit in Gaisano Mall, General Santos City. We started yesterday and I was there to manned the store. Although we hire a sales lady, I still have to help her to avoid shop lifting. We are so happy that we sold few items, like Havaianas flip flops, Life stride shoes, nina shoes , long dress and Victoria secret cologne. By the way, all our stocks are from US.

This is the name of our boutique. Actually it's KREATIV SISTERS.

See? It's Closed!hehehe
btw, this is stock picture.
Our store is almost empty because we brought our stocks to Gaisano Mall.

We decided to add some items from Bangkok Thailand because there are customers looking for lower and affordable prices.

Me, your sales lady.


  1. kapretty man na na sales lady, btw sis how much ang VS?

  2. pang model kaayo ug pose.. :)

  3. Rose, iba ang price...:D
    may tag 160 na lang, may 460, 1500, 2500..

    naa pod liz claiborne...

    sis this week may stocks kmi from US...

  4. Ate Eden, desperate model man gud :)) mau na lng ni miski sa akong own pics mahimo kong model...modeliver og stocks...lolz

  5. hello hello. ui. don't forget to tell me where your store is para makabisita ako kapag nakauwi ako. not promising to buy loads of stuff kasi di naman ako mayaman. but i might find some na interesting! who knows?

    following this blog, too Tamz! mwah

  6. hahaha.ok i will buzz u :-) pero actually, nasa old reyes terminal ang furniture shop namin taz nasa glid ng furniture ang boutique...

  7. hahhaha...kuyaw sad kaayo ning sales lady kay una man nuon kaha ni mahalin kay sa iyang baligya...hehehhe....joke!

    ka sexy ba ayo woi...woi tuod sis you should post some of your items from your store..basin diay nako ganahan makapalit sad ko dayon...hehhehe!

  8. let me know if naa na ang VS product from us hehehehe.

  9. OK I will mommy rose :-) this week...:-)

  10. I admire your entrepreneurial spirit. i really wanted to start an RTW business such as this but never got to do it. i'm curious, how much capital would be decent enough to participate in bazaars considering the inventory and overhead expenses? aren't you affected by the global crisis? looks like business as usual for you so kudos! great job! i'll be grateful to hear from you. =)

  11. Nice outfit Tammy. i see you like boots.