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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Busy Busy Busy With Our Mall Exhibit!

My sister and I have been so busy with our mall exhibit. Just this afternoon, I stand for almost 8 hours like a sales lady in the department store. Now I know how they feel when they stand the entire 8 hours with irate customers. lolz
Anyway, our exhibit at Robinsons mall will end tomorrow Night.
My sister and I decided to pull out our stock due to mismanagement of our organizer.
I thought, blood is thicker than water..lolz
Yun pala, Money is thicker than water! hahaha
Our organizer was just after of the money she can get from our rent without treating us all fair!!!
Can you imagine, we have to pay half of 1800 per day and they only sales we have is just 914 the 1st day and the second day was 920...lolz...
whew! We already shell out our own money to pay for the rent!
While other exhibitors were earning over 10 thousand a day!

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