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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Blogger's Tool To Network Content!

Social networking and content networking helps us to connect with other people and as we all know there a lot of existing blogger's tool to network content. As a blogger, I am looking for the best and perfect blogger tool for me. Something that is easy to manage. A tool that I can save my preferences like my facebook, twitters account and my other account preferences.

Good thing I found out about Smallrivers. You might be wondering what is Smallrivers! Smallrivers, a blogger's tool to network content and audiences. Smallrivers is a small team of catalysts, based in Lausanne/Switzerland and they are located on the Swiss Institute of Technology EPFL campus. They actually started out with a single goal in mind only. They want to find an easy way to connect distant communities of shared interest. Well of course, without leaving our own web site, blog or social our networking platform.

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