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Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Perfect Place For Shopping !

After I resigned from my work, I decided to go back to my family. I was 5 months pregnant that time and I can no longer work. So, I decided to have my own business. It was very crucial at first because I have to start from scratch and since I cannot do it alone, I decided to share my business views to my two other sisters.

Both of them agreed and so we come up with a business name called Vogue Pret-a-Porter. Wondering what is it? It means, stylish ready to wear ( RTW ) . The three of us loves shopping. So, we decided to sell clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. I love most is dresses. I can't count how many dresses I have in my closet. That is how impulse buyer I am. So, it was perfect to have our own fashion store.

Since, we don't have a stable location yet! We decided to start selling our cute and lovely dresses online. It was awesome to become a member of few online directories. It was easier for online shoppers in finding a perfect dress using online catalog.

As I continue my research on online business, I was able to hop in to HOW TO PRODUCE AN ADVERTISEMENT. This will be a great help to me on how to produce an advertisement. As we all know, catchy ads will generate more income!

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