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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My New Auction Site For Shopping!

I have been blogging for more than a year now and it simply mean I have been into online business for over a year also. I tried selling my items on well-known sites but apparently it is not picking up clients because it has earned a bad reputation for buying and bidding. I didn't closed my account yet but I was really disappointed because I wasted my time & effort and I didn't get any result. I didn't even get one bidding from my clothes, bags and shoes.

Anyway, I am a fanatic of online shopping and I love to bid and I also love auction sites. So I was searching for new auction site for myself. I have visited few auction sites but this new auction site I have found was the best. Imagin you can start bid at $0.00 for all products that are brand new. You might be wondering why it starts with $0.00. Let me tell you something about this new auction site I have found. If you love to bid, this is the best place for you because is a very unique and new auction site where brand new products, such as Nintendo, win, PS3, WII, Digital SLR, Apple iPod, Mac Book Pro.

By the way, here some of the reasons why BidHere is chosen one for auction sites. First, they are the only $0.60 (US) per bid. Second, every bid placed, increases the product price by $0.02. Third, there are 5 Bids free when you register. Fourth, the Fair Auction Guaranteed! Fifth, you can start your own auction! This is what I liked most! Sixth, you can redeem your win for cash! Seventh, you have 10 free bids for every 100 bids you place. Isn't it nice? Eight, it is 100% secure payment options. Ninth, they follows strict Privacy Policy guaranteed and lastly, no one looses his/her money because they give you the possibility to purchase the product you’re interested in at anytime. All the bids you place on an auction are offered as a discount off the recommended retail price of the item. So, simply mean BidHere is a great deal for shopper and entrepreneur like me.

Visit them now and start bidding for your favorite brand new items!

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