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Friday, October 16, 2009

Screen Locking System!

You might be wondering what is Screen Pass. Screen Pass is a screen locking system for Windows® that extends the capability of the standard workstation lock and it gives the network administrators a complete control over idle.

The best thing about screen pass locking system is the features. It enforce password security, it log out idle workstations, it unlock workstations with 'true' administrator override, it limit screen saver selection, it centrally control security options, it set a Bouncing Image Screen Saver and it record events to application event log or text file.

Screen Pass can be configured to auto log off if the screen saver is running and inactive. The auto log off can also be configured to occur after the admin can defined time of day. During auto log off unsaved changes in open applications are discarded. The auto log out action can be set to log out, restart, shutdown or power down.

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