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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Awards from Chie

Chie of Chuchie's Hideaway gave me this 2 wonderful awards. I met this young girl last week but it seems like we knew each other for such a long time ago. She never forget to visit my blog whenever she's ok. But few days ago she was absent because she got sick. Chie, get well soon. Love you girl. Thanks for the sisterhood award you gave me. Our friendship will be treasured for the rest of my blogging career and ofcourse, as long as i'm here. I would like to include FE and Laine who also gave me this award.

The Rules
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Make sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

The 2nd award is the 2009 Friendly Blogger Award. She find me friendly!Thank you chie.

The Rules
1. Take a Photo of yourself (optional).
2. Do not change clothes,do not trim the hair,the main image is to be captured (optional).
3. Post a picture that is unedited (optional).
4. Post this instructions (required).
5. Tag people to show appreciation to them that touch your heart because of their friendly attitude (required).

Some of the rules are optional so, I decided to put this picture of me. This was taken August 10, 2008, jogging at oval plaza! opps, I mean walking! This is the day that I gave birth to my son KZ. Good looking momma :)) Will you agree that pregnant women's are the most beautiful women on earth???

I would like to pass this award to my friends but I know they already have this award. So, I will just mention their names: Angie, Sudha, Twinks, Maxi, Arnie, D, Bill, Budiawan, Rosemarie, Rose, Shelo, Laine, Mommy Eden, Mommy Elvz, Mommy Alf, Mary Anne, Vyne, Star, Lainy,Twerlyn


  1. HAHAHA!!!!
    Kala ko ligtas na ako...^_^
    Nauna pa pala name ko dito...^_^
    Dami ko nang assignments Titser Tam....
    Na di ko pa nagawa...HAHAHA!!! ^_^
    But I do really appreciate your effort to include me always on your tags...^_^
    Correction di ako nanahimik no!!!
    Ngayon pa nga ako ngsisimulang mag ingay eh...^_^
    Di mo pa yata nabasa ang mga comments ko....^_^
    Nauna akong ng GoodMorning sayo no Miga...^_^
    Basaha sa Miga ha...^_^

    Salamat Miga..^_^
    Igat pirmi,ay este Ingat diay uy...^_^

  2. Thanks for the mention Tammy. I'll add your name to my Awards Link as giving me this award, too. That's just my way of thanking you for the mention.

    You just keep the tags coming my dear friend!

  3. Ate Tam, thanks for grabbing the tag ha... Imu sad diay ni gipass sa ako nga tag..wen man to? sa ako hideaway or sa ako other blog?ill try to check all my blogs nalang basin naa pa imu message..hehehe

  4. Angie, anong ligtas!?Parati ka yata number 1 sa list ko..lolz

    Abah! Mag iingay pa lang! Mukang my balak ka mag riot ah :))

    Nag leave ka msg sa YM? naga error akong connection :))

  5. D, thank u. You are always included in my list :-)

    Chie, wala diay! sa kadaghan sa tags and awards nalibog na ko.hehehe

    lahi nga award diay to chie.

  6. Wow may tag pala ako dito! thanks sis ha.. i'll try to post it as soon as i get my pic, ang problem ko yung internet connection namin super slowww.. btw i already have the sisterhood award, yung second n lang grab ko ha :)

  7. Mommy elvz, take ur time...hehehe.Grab mo lang yung wala ka pa..