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Monday, March 23, 2009

Think Green

I just love hand made so much. When I sit down and my hand starts working, it will not stop until I finished something that I like. I love doing things that I myself can wear it.

Lately, I am loving the color green so, I made this bracelet.

This is the Necklace
After I finished making this set my sister Rosilie sold this to her co-teacher.
Glad they like it.

The Earrings
It is very simple but its cute.


  1. wow loving the color too tamz....hehhee...pwede paapil ko ug himo...hehhee..very talented ka man can make money with that....;0

  2. My sister has boutique, I create and they sell :))
    Dhemz, my site has purple and green :-) i love the color...lamig sa mata :-)

  3. gang , ganahan kayo nila.. himoi ko beh.. hehe ..

  4. hahaha....ganahan? dal-an tika pag ad2 naku :))

  5. wow ganda nmn niyan, I like collecting that kind of stuff, since I live here in Sweden I have almost 30 pair of earrings and getting growing when I do shop hehehe..

  6. Shy, you also like handmade? I have earrings galing US mga handmade..ang ganda..hehehe...Thanks for dropping by..