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Monday, March 2, 2009

Quick Update :-)

Everything was so fast last Saturday! After making our first task, we finally started making a blouse pattern. My partner Grace, took my body measurement but since it was her 1st time, it was not my correct measurement. Our teacher had to do it again.

I will start cutting my pattern next meeting and I need to prepare my clothe. Yepey! We will start sewing our very own blouse.

I am so excited for the next session. I will show you my desired clothe soon.


  1. wow..u r learning to be a dress designer? great.. i admire those who loves sewing.. cos i cant sew..i really cant.. i always injure my fingers when i sew..haha.. esp on the machine too.. great work...

  2. Hi Claire. Thanks for dropping by. We own a boutique, me and my sister are really into fashion so, i decided to take lessons in dress making..hehehe

  3. i also want to learn how to make a dress. i know i can do but i have been so busy when i'm still living in the philippines. well, i at least sew my own apron and some pillow cases. that's a good start, right?

    i am happy for you by the way! enjoy it!

    anyway, since you are one of my blogosphere friends who support me all the way, i got an award for you here:

    hope you like it!

  4. Hi Max, salamat :)) got that award also from David pero sa other account ko... cge grab ko yang award na bigay mo dito.hehehe

    thanks again..muah