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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CellPhone Lover

I was looking for the hottest and newest gadget online and I was shocked with what I have found. Can you believe that this cellphone is worth $1.3 million?! Wow! Holy goodness!

This cellphone costs $1.3 million and for sure in cold cash :)) If I will purchase this kind of cellphone they have to make sure that this phone work!!! Or else I will surely return it!

Take a look at the diamonds :)) very inviting isn't it?!
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  1. diko ani mahold up pa lang ko or worst ma kidnap ko ako cellphone bwahhaha hehehe hop hop lang ko girl hap na akong mata dinhia bah lol

  2. hahaha. kahadlok igawas sa public ni nga cellphone kay juice ko ma-snatch jud.lolz